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An hidden side of Milan. Naviglio, the heart of the city. A digital photographic gallery shapes streets and squares merging last century historical pictures (30’s) and glimpses of modern metropolis, as the channels would appear if they were open today.

An emotional path through present, past and future shows the inestimable value of history, architecture, beauty and ethics that Naviglio streams to the city, eventually bringing the issue of a social and economic potential of a Naviglio reopening. The photos series scans the city, listening to the water heart beating with its channels and locks.

Milan, in balance between art and post industrial architecture, doesn’t renounce to its origin. Bringing back to life Naviglio’s fascinating waters represents the opportunity for a new Milan renaissance, to discover the future driving it out of the past.

Naviglio, builded between the XII and XIX centuries, was a complex system of channels that sourronded Milan’s circular city center and connected it to Europe and the Sea. The hydraulic locks that control the level of the water had been projected by Leonardo da Vinci, among others. It has been gradually covered and filled up during 1930 and after the Second World War.

Photo exhibition by: Il Multiverso.